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Now we have to wear a mask, why not be trendy !

Fantastic piece of work ,Have you got yours !!!

Newest Designs

If you can't find your Icon in the gallery, then why not let us create you one.

Have a favourite picture of a loved one, family member, icon, pet etc.

Why not have them on an icon chair or cushion.

Have your furry friend forever, on an Icon chair.

I can create your wedding chair to the requirements of your special day.

Why not have your business logo on a chair, to       complement your company.

Spiritual, Meditation, Chillout chairs.

Icon also creates chairs, for  your little prince and princesses.

Iconshowchair.com is proud to support local charities.

Why not have a exclusive chair created for your charity event .

Even though their no longer with you www.iconshowchairs,com now creates remembrance chairs and cushions.Like these i have created.Whether its a family member or a cherished pet.

Icon canvas cushions.

Icon cushions are printed on 300mg canvas material. Custom made cushions also available.


Iconshowchairs is now situated in Polop Spain, but i do ship around Europe. I am a first-rate professional who focus on the customer, and what they need. I have created and customised many chairs, most of them needing a lot of work done to create that custom exclusive chair.

I first started Iconshowchairs in the United Kingdom in 2017, which is my home country, 

But now work in Spain and ship all around Europe, I will gladly help you to express your wishes in designing your special chair, so you can enjoy the decoration and furniture that your house or business deserves and especially you. I think of my designs as a centre piece or a talking point in any any home.

I can create a chair for any occasion, whether it is a wedding, Birthday, business or just something for you. My designs are one of a kind and no 2 chairs will ever be the same, so you can be sure your chair will be limited edition. If you would like to know more please fill out the contact form and I will get back to you shortly, Thanks for visiting my website.  

This is the 1st chair that was created by Iconshowchairs.com

Icon sofas

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